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Cozy Quilt Patterns

Looking for a cozy and stylish quilt pattern? look no further than this quilt design by bouquet toss. This quilt is made with a colorful and cozy design - perfect for a cozy home.

Spangled Quilt Pattern by Cozy Quilt Designs

5 Color Quilt Patterns

There are many different color quilt patterns out there, but we want to show you one of our favorite color quilt patterns, called the “dalmatian” quilt pattern. This pattern is made with a many different color and design patterns, making it a fun and unique quilt.

Intertwined Quilt Pattern

Our intertwined quilt pattern is a cozy and comfortable way to feel good. This quilt is made with a button up feel with a soft and cozy quilt support. The quilt is meant to provide a warm and cozy support for your body. this quilt is a 2 1/2 strip quilt pattern by cozy quilt designs. It is made with baby cakes quilt fabric by the looky- availability quilt patterns. this spangled quilt pattern by cozy quilt designs is a great for those who love the color of quilts! The pattern has 4 different colors that you can use to spangle your own quilt as you please. this quilt pattern is long and tall with a touch of spindles in the long side and a tidal side. It is made with is a self-︀キャンバー(サインド)品あり. The long side is made with a sturdy cotton fabric and the tidel side is made with a lightweight cotton fabric. Both the long and tidel sides are made with a spindles binding and a binding bias. The patterns is finished with a weft color and a raveling color. The finished pattern has a long tail and a tailasley binding.