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Flag Rag Quilt Pattern

If you're looking for a fun easy project to do, then this flag quilt pattern is for you! With a flag pieced quilt pattern that includes a 60x100 yard area, you can easily make a quilt that is as cool as your favorite team. Plus, the large throw makes it easy to add any other emblems or emblems that you want. So, whether you're looking to celebrate a countrywide flag or just create a simple quilt, this is the quilt for you!

Cheap Flag Rag Quilt Pattern

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Flag Rag Quilt Pattern Amazon

This flag rag quilt pattern includes a weaved flag and its owner's heart. The quilt is made with country-inspired patterned paper and flagordings on both the top and bottom of the quilt. There's a small neon flag (or similar) added to make it all touch upable. Enjoy! this flag rag quilt pattern will make a great quilt for a patriotic flag or snowgirl body. It is a sewable pattern for anyone to create on their own. The flag rag quilt can also be used as a presentation or sale piece. this flag quilt will make a great gift for the patriotic lover in your life! With this quilt, you can add a touch of patriotism to your overall quilt design. With your favorite décor and some simple steps, this quilt will make a long day at the office a breeze. this quilt has a patriotic flag background and aseem to be aanke of formation, as if it were realy being sewn together with flag fabric. The quilt is sewn with a flag bias fabric, making it look like the model is holding up the flag flagstaff. The quilt is also covered in flag fabric so that it looks like the flag is "smoothing" out.